Thursday, March 15, 2007

Marissa Marissa...

Here is the very first top I knit for myself. I wanted something to wear in the summer, so I picked Marissa from Hot Knits I felt it will be good and simple knit and it was. Very straightforward and fast. I had some trouble with getting the right gauge so I frogged at least 5 times as far as I can remember! I wanted my first knit to be perfect. After all that frogging for 2 weeks I finished the pieces in 2 weeks and then it took me a lot of motivation to pick up the pieces and seam it up. Then the weather changed so I figured I didn't really need to weave in the ends until spring :) Am I lazy or what!!
I have to add that the picture doesnt do my Marissa any justice. YES I am lazy to take another picture but when I do I promise to update this post.
Pattern: Marissa from Hotknits by Melissa Leapman
Yarn: SRK Butterfly Super 10 Mercerized Cotton in Green - a leeetle over 3 skeins
Needles: US #5 & 6

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Raji said...

Lovely! U shld probably do u're "Marissa" justice by posting a pic of you in her! ;)