Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I got myself treated - no pun intended!

Yup its true, I finally admitted to myself that I had a problem that needed to be dealt with. Severe yarn deficiency that needed to be instantly satiated with some fast acting 'softgels'.
Dosage: Mix one skein of Gedifera in a yellow fused shade #4508 with a similar skein in a green self striping shade #4669 to make a fabulous scarf. When the effect starts to wear off, most people like to knit socks with Regia Cotton color #5412 . Finally when it feels like a short term solution is not enough, go for a slightly bigger project using 3 skeins of Wendy's cotton purchased at $1 a skein! That should lift you up, atleast for the time being :)
I am not afraid to admit that my favorite colors are bright girly, flowery colors. I loved yellow as a kid and I felt I needed something yellow this season. I didn't really have yellow yarn in mind when I went to the yarn store, but ended up with it somehow!!

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