Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My first fondant cake

I wanted to make a special cake for someone special. But every time I made a cake, my hand pain came back. Every time the pain returned, I always get more determined to bake a cake! But you do have to be wise. Injured muscles need time to heal. So I chose to do a fondant cake where the stress on the wrist and palm are not as pronounced as when decorating with buttercream icing.
I am so happy with the result. The fondant cakes are part of the 3rd Wilton course that I haven't yet taken. I followed the instructions in the book and I hope you agree that for a first fondant cake it turned out just as I had imagined, very special for my favorite person. I used a 24oz packet of white fondant icing and colored it with buttercup yellow and juniper green. I mixed in the colors till there was a slight marbling effect. I used garlands and fondant balls at the base of the cake. I used a Yellow chocolate marble cake, covered with white BC icing.
Just because I said it seems to be easier than BC icing decoration please don't expect it to be effortless. When you look at the wonderful 'artwork' that some talented women do with fondant, you will understand the hard work they put into it.


CeElle said...

What a beautiful cake! Just stopping in to say "thank you" for for visiting my blog - and for your comment. Go ahead and try to knit a dishcloth. They brighten one's day and they are a great way to use up little bits of yarn. Looks like you have knit so many other things that you are already an expert! Have a lovely weekend~

shilpa( said...

Ohh wow such a beautiful cakes. It does not look like you were taking classes. They look so professional. I loved your knitting too.

Pani Thuly said...

Hi Ceelle,
Thanks for the encouragement. You bet I will try out some dishcloths.
Hi Shilpa,
Thank you so much. I just love your blog.