Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back to the present

Here's the tree I was talking about. Majestic isn't it? And happy birthday to a friend of mine - S. God Bless you!

After all the detailing of my past projects. Its time to show you what I knit recently. I hadn't been knitting for a few months. You could attribute it to boredom. But then a friend of mine wanted to learn to knit. As though I owned the store I proudly took her around ACMoore and showed her the yarn. I dutifully taught her how to pick a yarn, what needle to use, how to make the knit stitch. Well we got that far and she has half a scarf to show for that. Teaching her really sparked something in me and I knit another pinwheel blanket for an expecting friend of mine. I was a little doubtful about the color combination after about 300 sts. But I had come too far to turn back. I was praying that it wouldn't look like an Italian flag. I kept telling myself that its a choice between gift or donate. If it looked not so great it will be donated, if it looked decent it will fulfill its original purpose. But I have to say it looked quite nice - maybe not baby colors but it is for a boy, so I guess its not too bad. So I shipped it off to my friend. She called to say that she liked it. If momma's happy, then everybody is happy.
Pattern: Pinwheel Baby Blanket
Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy in White half a skein, Lion Brand Wool Ease in Cranberry 1.5 skeins, green yarn -brand unknown but color fantastic
Needle: US #8 DPNs and 36 inch circulars.
Notions: 9+1 stitch markers to place after the yarnover in each section. Always keep one stitch marker in a different color from the rest, for the beginning of the round.

I wanted to do a quick project with some Peaches 'n Creme yarn that I had. God has blessed me with a memory that serves me well. I remembered the baby kimono from Mason Dixon. This is what came out of my knitting. I got a little worried that the yarn may be insufficient so I went and got some red yarn as insurance. The 2 skeins of Fiesta ombre would have been sufficient. But I went ahead and added the red yarn for both sides of the front bottom. I think it kind of gives some definition to the variegated yarn. I still haven't blocked it or attached the ribbon. I will add a picture with the finished details soon. The beauty of this project, is the need for minimal finishing. All you have to do is sew up the side seams. I am not a fan of finishing, thats why its been over a month and I still haven't attached the ribbon. So for people like me, the fewer things to sew up= a happier knitter.

Pattern: One Piece Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Peaches 'n Creme 2 skeins Fiesta Ombre, little bit of Red.
Needle: US #6


Raji said...

Lovely color combo for the pinwheel!
So how long does a pinwheel blankie take to complete? And how many skeins required?
Awesome kimono!! Great job! :)

Pani Thuly said...

Thank you, it takes around 4-5 skeins of wool ease brand and around 2 weeks with atleast 1-2 hrs per day. It usually goes fast till you get to the 300th stitch, then it slows down.But hey you are still going to be doing just the knit stitch in the round, so its not bad at all. The color change is what keeps the interest going, for me.