Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paapa's Reviews

A Delightful Read 
It was Bedtime in the Jungle is a delightful book written and illustrated by John Butler. Butler has a very illustrious (no pun intended) career as a childrens' book author and illustrator. This book transports the child to nighttime in the Indian jungle and how the different animals prepare to go to sleep. The book is a really good book to learn counting. Every number is written out in words and numerical form. I used this good opportunity to spell each number for my child. The illustrations of the animals were very soft and nice. The book is written in the rhyme form and is inspired by the song "Over in the meadow". 

"It was bedtime in the jungle
And the stream was shining blue
A monkey made a bed
For her babies two.

"Rest," said their mother,
"we'll rest," said the two."

The rhymes makes for a quick and easy read for a child with short attention span. I particularly liked how the author cleverly begins and ends the book with an owl. This lets a parent talk to their young reader about how not all animals go to bed at night. My child enjoyed this book a lot. Overall a good book for children of preschool age and younger. The book is quite sturdy and the pages are thick enough for a gentle child to turn without ripping.
Paapa's verdict: *****

A Cute and Cuddly Book
If You See a Kitten  - is an adorable, cute and fun book. It so happened that without realizing, I had picked up two Butler books to read at the same time. Butler definitely goes down in my list of favorite children's illustrators. Amazing talent! The book is about what one might say when they see a certain animal. The illustrations are excellent; the animals look cuddly or stunning, for the most part. I would call this a book of adjectives. Every animal is described by one of its attributes and hence the parent can actually get the child to guess what they might say when they encounter that animal. For eg. "If you see a cuddly kitten, say ahhh!" Once again a sturdy hardcover book with thick shiny pages that my child thoroughly enjoyed.

Paapa's Verdict: *****

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