Sunday, September 09, 2012

My favorite online communities

Every once in a while you come across some online community that you know is the solution to the problem that was nagging you for a long time.
Almost every knitter  knows that Ravelry is the home of knitters and crocheters. I dont know how it works now, but when ravelry was first started there used to be a  long queue to request membership. I think it took me atleast a few months to get in. I have enjoyed being a member of ravelry for many years now. It is a great resource for knitting-related information.You can add the projects you are working on, completed or want to knit. You add everything from pattern, to needles to something as specific as the total yardage that you used for the project. Lots of free patterns are available as well.

Ever since I was a child I have maintained a list of all the books I've read. The last time I visited my mom's place, I recovered the stack of browning old papers with my juvenile handwriting of book lists. I later went from paper to digital and maintained a draft of of my book list for more than a decade. I have also started a list for kids in the family, mainly to keep track of the books that the kids love. Even though I have begun blogging about books, I was so excited when I accidentally happened upon Goodreads. I cannot believe that I did not know that this website existed all these days. Ever since I discovered it a few months back, I have truly been in book heaven. Goodreads is an awesome community of book lovers. You can maintain your 'bookshelf' - add books to your reading list, rate books and if you are like me you will love the fact that you can add the date when you read the book. There are great book recommendations and best of all you can add friends; see what they are reading and get suggestions from them.

Pinterest and Instagram are also quite intriguing. I have been observing these two, for sometime now. Pinterest is a photo community to pin up your favorite stuff. I dont think I need to become a member of yet another photo community. Having said that I do love the photo filters available on Instagram, which is a free photo sharing app. for smart phones.

Last, but certainly the best, is my new favorite site for Bible verses -  complete with concordance, Bible timeline and all sorts of commentaries.

Check these out if you have not already.

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