Saturday, July 23, 2005

Early beginnings

When I walked into my local craft store, I was looking forward to signing up for a crochet class, because that's what I wanted to learn and I was already trying to teach myself using a book. But (un)fortunately they didn't offer any, so I settled (or so I thought) for the knitting class. Boy, am I glad or what!! I have loved every single moment of knitting ever since. Be it the simple therapeutic garter or stockinette stitch or the lovely lace and cable, I love the whole package. If you want to know what its all about go on out and sign up for a class at your local craft store or check out the knitting resources on this site.

Here are a few (read - all) of my earliest knitting endeavors.

This here that you see, yes that humongous poncho was my very first creation! Even though I call it ugly names, I am still very proud of it. And would you believe me, if I said that I actually wore it OUT a couple of times?? Yup that's the complete unadulterated truth. Although no one can pay me enough to wear it out again, I don't regret having worn it in the past.
The poncho was knit in 2 rectangular pieces and joined together and given a single crochet edging. So there you go, I even got to do some crocheting in my very first project.
Pattern: A combination of patterns that my knitting instructor concocted.
Yarn: Red Heart Supersaver - Color Aran Fleck (3 skeins) & Bernat Soft Boucle - Color Black (1 Skein)
Needles: 10mm - Size 15, 36 inch circulars , 10mm crochet hook.

This scarf is my best friend on cold windy days. I am a person who feels cold and hot very quickly, and this scarf keeps the wind chill at bay. Even though I wouldn't recommend a beginner to use Homespun that's what I used to knit this scarf and it was the first scarf that I made.
Pattern: I cast on approx. 32/42 sts. whichever gave me a 12 inch width and around 72 inch length. I like my utilitarian scarves to be just that - utilitarian.
Yarn: Lionbrand Homespun- Color Shaker (3 Skeins)
Needle: I think U.S 10 1/2

This was my second knitted item and my very first 'design'. I just bought the yarn and the needle and knit it in garter to the size I wanted and finished off with some single crochet. They are placemats in case you were wondering. I was going to knit four of these for a great loveable person, but I was so bored with the garter that I stopped with the second one. (you know what i mean right?). There's only so much garter that even a beginner can endure!!
Pattern: Cast on 50 sts and till I got a 7x12
Yarn: Sugar 'n Cream - Color Summer Splash & Lime green shade for the edging.
Needles: U.S #9

This scarf was once again my own design. It was my 3rd project ever knit for my dear one. I don't have anything to say about it, because this one was and unfortunately is a loser FO. The yarn shads like crazy. I knit it with Patons Divine and God only knows what I was thinking when I picked out the yarn!!!
Pattern: Non-existent
Yarn: Patons Divine - Color - a light blue and a white shade. Yarn was doubled.
Needles: U.S. #10 1/2

I love this scarf that I made for I-friend. I had to do a lot of combing as I was knitting, which was tedious. But this one feels nice and soft.
Pattern: In my head
Yarn: Bernat Fur Out - 3 skeins of Groovy Green
Needles: U.S. # 10.5

This is a one skein Homespun scarf made for S-friend. It was meant to be a quick and easy project and so it was. Will I ever use homespun again? I might, inspite of being acrylic, it is soft and very very very DURABLE.
Pattern: Cast on to to get 5 inch gauge.
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in Metropolis
Needles: U.S. # 10.5

This is a 7x9 inch patch I knit for a charity blanket. I tried out a lacy pattern and it was fun. I apologize for the blurred image.
Pattern: In my mind
Yarn: TLC 3Ply Ultrasoft in the shade Claret
Needles: U.S. #9

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