Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I used to wonder why God created us. In my darkest and saddest days, especially I have thought a lot about this and asked God. Then one day I learnt to knit.BINGO!!
My EUREKA moment, my AAHAA moment, my OPRAH moment!!
Now isn't it obvious.
Why do we create things? Why do we make beautiful, magnificent things?
The ultimate power in this world is to create something beautiful with your own hands!!
Would you have asked Van Gogh why he paints? Or Beethoven why he made such wonderful music?
Would you have asked the cuckoo why it sings? Or the peacock why it breaks out into its beautiful dance?
Wouldn't you rather just sit back and enjoy the moment of splendor, instead of going into the why's and the why-not's?
Do not ask God why He created you. Your purpose is to enjoy the art of His creation and to spread His love on earth.
However you can ask me why I knit :)
I knit because I love it. I knit because it gives me joy in overcoming challenges and creating things with a piece of yarn!! I knit because I like presenting loved ones and charities with handmade gifts of love.
But most of all -I knit because I can!!!

Shown above is the Blue Bayou sweater I knit for my dear one - Mr. Pani Thuly . This was my second project that I started right after my poncho. But it underwent a couple of froggings of SEVERAL inches, because I was either knitting too tight or too lose as I was carrying the contrast yarn in the back. So I needed a break from it and did not pick it up until the next cold season.
Pattern : Blue Bayou from Family Circle: Easy Sweaters
Yarn : I knit it using good old Red Heart Supersaver 3 skeins each of Light Blue and Soft Navy
Needles: U.S. # 8 36 and 16 inch circular

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