Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My constant companion

When something is so useful that you carry it around wherever you go and use it for all kinds of purposes - whether to carry your knitting projects+knitting books+water+anything that can be stuffed into the bag, to carrying books to and from the library then it is justified in calling the bag a constant companion. What an apt name for a nice bag.

My bag is larger than most constant companions - I didn't check gauge, used a bulkier yarn and I did not really worry about getting the exact size because, lets face it, its not like I was going to wear the bag. The bigger the better!!!

This was yet another fantastic knitting experience. Felting projects seem to really thrill me. The original design has pouches you can put on the outside of the bag. I did knit the pouches(not in stripes, just doubled the yarn), but I put them on the inside because they wouldn't have gone well with the stripes that were going on outside. I made one big pouch, 2 medium size ones to store stuff like tape measure, blocking pins etc and one narrow long one as an emergency place to store knitting needles.

Pattern: My Constant Companion in Knitter's Stash
Yarn: Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky in Plum and Cotton Candy - 4 skeins each
Needles: US #11

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