Saturday, November 11, 2006

My dear love

I knew you even before I met you.
I heard of you and knew that you were the one for me.
I was ready to pay the price to make you mine.
I did everything in my power and then I waited.
I waited and waited hoping that you would come to me.
Everyday I wakeup hoping that this would be the day that I would finally get to see you.
Every voice outside my door, every knock makes my heart leap, it makes me run to the door with the anticipation of seeing you.
Yet days have gone by and you haven't come.
Why do you tarry my love?
Why do you hesitate?
Do you doubt my love for you?
Are you unsure of how I might handle you?
Do you just want to come and go?
I am looking for a life long relationship, if you are looking for 'no strings attached' then I am not the one for you.
You can expect a lot of devotion, I will stare into you for hours and hours on end.
You will never leave my side, who knows, perhaps you will always sit on my lap!
Take my invitation my love and come on home quick, you know my address - it must be stuck on top of the package that you are in.
I have to start my lace project for Lacevember, so you better get here FAST!!!

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Raji said...

Very well written! Impressive!