Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A coupla cakes!

I made these two cakes this year. One of course is for Valentine's day. As you can see I really didn't have any plans for that day except for having good food and some cake!! I was trying to watch Shall We Dance as I was decorating the cake. I obviously didn't catch much of the movie but I really loved Jennifer Lopez's clothes. They were all so very feminine and flowing! You thought I was going to talk about cake?? This cake has rosettes, drop flowers on rosettes and e-motion techniques. I used half a packet of red velvet cake mix. So the cake was gone in 60 seconds!!

I love this cake and I hope you think the same. I particularly like this shade of green. It is a combination of leaf green and juniper green. I have used the reverse shell border on top, it is my favorite border. So I am always drawn to make cakes that have this border. The flowers are wild roses. I was supposed to make them using royal icing, but I just used stiff buttercream icing and got by with it.

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