Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Power of the Written Word

I walk in and immediately his face lights up. I think that he is happy to see me, or is he happy to see just about any new face?? I hope that somewhere in the map of his mind, he has given me a prominent place in his land of love. I know for sure, that he does love to share his new possessions with me. I am always invited, with a lot of enthusiasm to get my 'hands dirty' with the new 'gadgets'!

As I sit there watching him, I wonder what he is thinking, because he hardly said anything all these days and now when he does - I am barely able to guess his thoughts. Such people speak in tongues, they say, they speak in tongues that God has given them. Theirs is the language of heaven and one day all humanity will speak that way. But for now God has reserved it just for these 'special' ones (and a few others).

He looks up at me with indignant eyes, makes angry gestures at me and waves his hand around in frustration, when I suggest to him that he might have cheated in the last game we played. I had no clue that he actually understood the term 'cheat'. If he happens to call a truck - a 'tuck' or a car - a 'tuck'; you better wise up to his word definitions or you are bound to 'hear' from him.

As if this wasn't enough, he also understands the power of the written word!! He writes for hours and yet I am baffled by it all. To the unintelligent eye, it looks like the random doodling of a toddler. But I see the possibility of a great future! The hope of marvelous things to come, achievements to be made and lives to be influenced. I see the power to love all freely, give to all generously and embrace all without inhibitions. I see no ego, no prejudice, no misconceptions.

He knows the power he wields, when he makes his creations on his mom's favorite couch, my white dress, or his favorite wall. In the drool-covered crayola spirals of my favorite toddler, I see the power to be all that he can be.
One day I hope and pray that he will be ALL that God meant for him to be!!

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” - Matt 19:14

Please note: The below picture is a failed attempt by the author to depict the genius of the aforementioned young artist.

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