Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Of Birthdays and Cakes

Right after I attended my very first cake decorating class, I took it upon myself to bake cakes for a few wonderful people, I love. The above is the teddy bear character cake that I made YET again. To make it a little bit interesting, for the kid, I added balloons (in case you were wondering what those blue, orange and yellow globs were!!). This is the 2nd cake that I EVER decorated (including the one made at my first class) and I was so so happy when everyone at the party liked it. God is Great!!!

The above joker cake was made to supplement the teddy bear. I don't know how long it take others to decorate cakes, but I usually end up spending 5 hrs just to decorate and clean up. By the end of it I am ready to just slap the icing on :)) When I got done with the two cakes I thought that they looked real horrible. But looking back, I guess I was just too hard on myself.

I don't know how I manage it, but miraculously I was once again making two cakes on the same day. I taught myself the rope border to decorate this cake. I didn't have a plan or design for the cakes so I don't think they reached their full potential. But shown above is one of them anyway.

I have decided to avoid dark colored icing because unless it is chocolate icing, it will take way too long to get to the shade that you want. That's what happened to these red roses. I spent at least an hour and a half getting to the shade that I wanted. So if you can avoid dark icing, by all means please do!! Having said that I love this cake. It was for a beautiful young lady who had just turned 16, hence the 16 roses, red is her favorite color and her name comes from the term 'the Rose of Sharon' from the Bible denoting Jesus.

So that's it for now :)


Raji said...

Love the "Sweet 16" cake! The cream & red roses look fantastic!
I try my best to keep away from roses... becoz of the tremendous effort involved!!
And the roses look so perfect!! Way to go!

Anonymous said...


From teddy to Sharon....

ur one helluva gurl!!!

God bless!!!!
The day you posted this msg corresponds to my MIL's b day day..
an wat a coincidence its abt day cakes.
Thx PT.