Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A little bit of vacation

At the literal last minute we made hurried plans to go spend the weekend in New Hampshire.
The beauty of New Hampshire obviously lies in its mountains and valleys, its lakes and gorges and rivers. I just love a mountain range that has lakes at its foothills. This combination is my idea of what heaven would look like. There's a calmness and peace that you feel rising up from inside of you at the beautiful creations of God.
I take joy in the cakes that I decorate, the stuff that I knit and the things I do. But time and time again when I step out into the 'natural' unadulterated world, I feel extremely proud that the God who created these awesome natural wonders, is the same God who created me. I really can't help but think what a tiny inconspicuous speck I am when compared to the grandeur and sheer power of these mountains. Yet, of His many creations He calls you and me, the most precious of them all!! I can't even imagine it or try to comprehend the love of this Creator.
So presenting the one of the greatest of God's creations --
[insert my picture here!]
Just kidding.
Let's roll with it.
A visit to NH, isn't really complete if you don't visit Mount Washington. What better way than to take a round trip on the Cog Railway. I am pretty sure that the cog rail is the inspiration for all those bone rattling wooden roller coaster rides. Truly, I prefer this gentle cog rail, started in 1869, to its modern counterparts. I simply don't see why I should pay for a scary nauseating ride when I can get the sights and sounds of nature while I take a leisurely ride up the mountain.

I take my imaginary hat off to the hardworking men who operate the rail (special mention to a young kid named Joey the apprentice). They brave extreme weather and high winds, standing outside the coach during the uphill journey. I tell you, its these kind of people who deserve the multimillion dollar pay checks for they do their job with great love and dedication. They even make most of their own parts and assemble them on site!!

The grand view from atop Mt. Washington at 6288 ft.


Rennagayle said...

I've never been to New Hampshire, but your pictures and description sure make me want to go. I get those same feelings you described when I am in the mountains and feel so overwhelmed with God's magesty.

Raji said...

Awesome pics!!! I miss my long weekend trips!!