Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Undeserved Love

Undeserved and Unmerited Love!
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is the best work of fiction that I have ever read. The book tells the incredible story of Sarah, a prostitute whose freedom is bought by Hosea, a prayerful Christian man. The hand of God was truly on Francine when she wrote this improbable story of redemption taken right out of the book of Hosea in the Old Testament. I found the book imaginative and creative because of the realization that beautiful fiction can be inspired by the Word of God. I love historical fiction, so I found this book engaging in that aspect as well. 
For anybody who has any questions about whether God loves them, I beg you to go read your Bible. God sent His one and only Son, Jesus for me and you. His love and forgiveness cannot be earned by anything we do, our education, our job, our possessions, our family lineage, our talents or our good works. The grace of God through Jesus Christ is free for anybody who is willing. John 3:16.
If you are still not convinced then you need to read Redeeming Love to know what extent God will go to, to show His love to you.
If you think your life is an ugly unspeakable mess, then you need to read this book to get to know what a mess really is. There are horrifying sins in this book, but God wipes all clean and makes everything white as snow. 
Do not give up on God, because God has not given up on you!

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